What outdoor boots should you keep in your 4 x 4 vehicle ?

What outdoor boots should you keep in your 4 x 4 vehicle ?

ottobre 11, 2022

If you’ve lived an active outdoor lifestyle for many years, it is almost impossible not to own high-quality footwear. Whether they are a pair of men’s shooting boots or ladies country boots, having a few comfortable high-quality footwear options to hand is always worth it. However, the question is, are your boots the right kind for your activities? Also, can you vouch for your boots' longevity and waterproof features? Statistics indicate that 22% of the population engages in leisure and recreational walking, making it imperative to own a few pairs of high-quality footwear. And Field & Moor Country Boots offer some of the best styles and options you'll find on the market.

Types of Lifestyles and Outdoor Footwear.

If you’re looking at outdoor lifestyle footwear, the name of the style itself seems to imply the shoes are meant for outdoor activity. However, there are a variety of different types and styles of outdoor footwear to choose from, and each style has some significant differences. No two outdoor footwear are the same, and the circumstances or activity will determine which one is appropriate to wear when you’re out and about. The manufacturers make it a point to add specific details to this footwear depending on the activity. Therefore, whether you will be engaged in trekking, hiking, hunting, shooting sports or exercising your dog, there is something for you.


Getting boots created for tough weather conditions is important and definitely advisable when you’re trekking a long, laborious journey on foot. The F&M Marsh harrier Country boots are an ideal choice to keep on hand in your Land Rover for those long, hard treks. With a tall boot shaft that holds onto the leg and around bottom of the claves, these shoes provide ample support to make walking easier. The stability of the boots is also beneficial to help protect your feet and ankles if you’re trekking over uneven terrain.

Good trekking boots offer a comfortably snug fit that allows you to move unhindered and without difficulty. Trekking can be arduous, and you will need all the help these country boots offer to make for a smooth excursion. All our country boots are made from high-quality leather fabric that allows your feet to breathe. This helps prevent moisture buildup within your boots.



People often confuse hiking and trekking. However, there are some significant differences. In general, hikes are shorter and last less than 24 hours. Trekking, on the other hand, usually involves a multi-day excursion. Both involve outdoor walking on footpaths, trails, or non-path areas. Both types of outdoor walking require sturdy, comfortable footwear, as well. 

Our hiking boots are designed to give you more traction as you walk along paths. They are also designed for different terrains and adverse weather conditions. Therefore, you can be sure that your hiking footwear will protect your feet from the sun, strong winds, rain, wet and muddy paths, etc.

If you love hiking, it’s a good idea to keep your hiking boots in your vehicle. You never know when the mood might strike and having your boots somewhere easy to access allows you to enjoy a hike on a whim.

Shooting, Tracking, And Hunting

If you love hunting, you know that it’s important to have all the right tools and accessories. Your boots have to stand up to the outdoor terrain you hunt in. They also have to give you the stability you need to get a proper shooting stance.

Good, high-quality footwear for shooting or hunting is not too bulky while still offering proper insulation to protect your feet. The soles of these shoes are also designed to be silent when the wearer walks in them to help ensure that when you’re tracking or stalking your prey, you’re not making unnecessary noises. Men's and ladies shooting boots fit snugly to the feet, enhancing balance during outdoor shooting. Nobody wants to lose their balance while holding a firearm!

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation says more than a million people in the UK engage in these activities for fun. If you’re one of these million people, make sure that you are properly prepared with outstanding shooting boots that are ready when you are. You can even keep your boots in your vehicle, making them easily accessible when you plan your next hiking adventure.

Why Certain Boots Are Preferred For Hiking

Classic hiking boots are considered the gold standard for a variety of outdoor activities. Because of the likelihood of rugged terrains, you will be better off wearing footwear that is specifically created for these terrains. They are reinforced with extra padding that makes walking with a backpack convenient. No matter what type of outdoor activity you’re engaging in, you’re more likely to create blemishes on the uneven terrain. Add this with the extra strain on your feet and moisture build up easily cause an increased risk of blisters, cracks in your feet, and more. Specially designed boots help you avoid these concerns.

Why Keep Outdoor Boots in The Car Rather Than the House?

So, what are the benefits of keeping your boots in the car rather than in the house? It’s simple - keeping your boots in your Land Rover is convenient. You don’t have to remember to grab the right boots when you’re headed out for a planned activity. Plus, you’re able to keep your feet protected quickly and easily when you find yourself on a spontaneous hike. Having your outdoor boots safely tucked away in your Land Rover means you can assess them anytime without going home first. It’s a good idea to try to keep your country boots out of the sun, so make sure to find somewhere safe for them in your vehicle.

Main Features to Look For In Outdoor Boots

Getting the right country boot means making sure you have the features you need. Whether hiking, trekking, or hunting, your boots should keep your feet protected. Some of the features you should consider include water resistance, longevity, the quality of the leather and other fabrics used, sturdiness, and balance. On top of this, it’s important to ensure that you choose boots that fit your feet well and feel comfortable even after long periods of wear.

Look no further than Field & Moor for your country boots and other high-quality footwear. We offer a variety of outdoor lifestyle footwear options to keep your feet comfortable and safe no matter what your activities include!


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