Essential Footwear Care

Your new boots

Leather uppers should be treated early with a good-quality waxed leather cream to soften them. This will help make them more comfortable.

There is always a process of "breaking in" with good-quality boots and shoes. The upper needs to soften and take the shape of your foot, and the cork infill layer needs to flex and take an impression of your own sole.

It is recommended that you try on boots whilst seated as the leg muscles are in a relaxed position and on a slightly tighter boot, it will easier to pull them on.

Extending their lifespan

Your Field & Moor footwear is built to last, using the finest quality leathers to ensure high performance and protection. So here are our top tips on looking after them and extending their lifespan.

  • In the first instance - new boots should initially be worn for no more than 2 or three hours at a time. Only when the boots and the feet are accustomed to each other should the wearer be using them for a whole day at a time.
  • There is always a “breaking in” process for good quality boots. The upper needs to soften and take the shape of your foot. The cork infill layer needs to flex and take an impression of your foot.
  • It will assist in these early stages if good quality wax or waxed leather cream is applied to leather uppers, to soften them.
  • After wear, remove any mud, snow residue, salt or dirt from your boots, initially with a brush with soft bristles and tap water.

  • Boots ought to be given sufficient time to recover after wear, and a period of 1 day’s rest is recommended.
  • Shoe trees ought to be inserted in the boots after their removal, particularly if cedar they assist the process of removal of water retained in the leather. It will also help maintain the shape of the boots as they dry out.
  • The boots need to dry out at natural room temperature, away from direct heat. If the boots have been saturated with rain or snow, they should be left to dry for 24 hours.
  • Leather upper require regular treatment with a good quality wax polish to protect the leathers. This should help to prolong the life of the uppers and to maintain their appearance. The boots ought to be cleaned and dried naturally before application.
  • Suede and nubuck upper parts can be treated using a suede protector spray. A rubber suede brush can help lift dirt and debris. Suede can be revived using steam not applied directly and gentle cleaning with a rubber suede brush.
  • Repeated wetting and drying can cause leather to crack. Waterproof leather uppers ought to be treated with dubbin or a waxed leather cream to condition, soften and protect the leather.

One of the many benefits of owning a pair of Goodyear welted boots is that you can have them resoled without damaging the uppers, thereby prolonging their life even further.

We offer complimentary brushes with every boot purchase, to help extend the life of your product. The Field & Moor branded brushes are made from super soft horsehair that would not scratch even the finest leathers.