Sympatex® Fabric Technology

This material is found on the linings of Hawk ,Osprey and Golden Eagle Country Boots.

It provides a level of protection against adverse weather conditions, keeping your feet dry and warm.

Sympatex® is eco- friendly and 100% recyclable, made of a hydrophilic polyether-ester polymer, which is a natural composition that is bio-degradable after years of wear.


A non-porous membrane, Sympatex® breathes through a chemical process. It is also is a very comfortable fabric that has the ability to stretch.

 Sympatex® - profile cut of the Hawk Boot before addition of insole

Sympatex® is a start up with 30 years experience becoming a leading provider of high-tech functional materials used in apparel and Footwear applications.

Golden eagle country boot in wet conditions

Golde Eagle being worn in wet conditions

By investing heavily in technology, reliability and production capacity it can offer a great technological membrane at competitive prices to selective partners which one of our factories is one around the world. It was given “B” corporation status in 2019, for its sustainability efforts.