Texalive® Lining

Field & Moor is keen to explore alternative technologies in construction to those widely available in the market ( Symptex® & Goretex®) to aid the waterproofing, insulation and breathable properties of our Boot ranges.

TEXALIVE® is a relatively new company, although established in 2010. It has more than 30 + year’s experience in the leather and component sector, covering footwear, leather and clothing. Also covering fashion, technical , sports , labour, military and orthopaedics segments.

Their advanced techniques of production, lamination and nanotechnology. Plus their extensive knowledge of raw materials make then an ideal partner for Field & Moor’s development projects – Goshawk and Marsh Harrier. 

This is the technical sheet for the TEXALIVE® Waterproof & breathable lining used in the construction of Goshawk & Marsh Harrier: