What Happens if I wear improperly fitting boots whilst outdoors ?

What Happens if I wear improperly fitting boots whilst outdoors ?

10月 09, 2022

What Happens if I Wear Improperly Fitting Boots While Outdoors?


There’s a lot more that goes into choosing a pair of boots for the country than you might initially think. If you don’t pay much attention to the size and fit of your outdoor boots, then you might end up with foot pain, bruising, calluses, or even worse conditions affecting your enjoyment of hiking, hunting, or trekking.


Here are some of the biggest concerns you might face if you don’t consider the size and fit of your country boots or ladies and men’s outdoor boots.


Calluses are areas of hard and thick skin that fade into normal skin. Calluses are often painless, but there’s a potential for them to become painful over time. They’re usually found on bony parts of the foot that support the weight. This is because they’re formed due to friction causing your skin to shed or become damaged, thus encouraging your body to create a new layer of skin.


Badly-fitting shoes can cause calluses to form, especially when the boots are too loose. This causes your foot to slide around in the shoe, rubbing against your socks and damaging the skin due to friction. Certain shoe designs and other foot-related issues such as bunions can also cause calluses. Choosing high-quality footwear that fits properly can help you avoid calluses and the pain that can come with them.

Heel Pain

If calluses are common in loose-fitting boots, then heel pain is one of the most common symptoms of wearing tighter boots. If you experience a sharp pain between your arch and heel that gets worse when you walk, then it’s likely heel pain that is caused by tight boots. A tight boot will cause pressure against your feet, essentially crushing them due to a lack of wiggle room.


However, you may already have some form of heel pain such as plantar fasciitis. If this is the case, then wearing badly-fitting boots can exacerbate this issue, causing even more pain when you walk or increasing your activity levels. As such, we’d suggest wearing a pair of boots for the country with Vibram® soles. This is the sole of choice in both men’s outdoor boots and country boots for ladies, thanks to the durability, comfort, and traction of the soles.


Blisters are caused in a similar fashion to calluses. When your outdoor boots are too large, it can cause unnecessary friction on areas of your foot known as “hot spots”. This can cause blisters to form which could be filled with fluid. Another common cause of blisters is too much moisture in the footwear combined with this unnecessary friction.


Wearing comfortable waterproof shoes that fit well can be a great help in reducing blisters. Ensure that the outdoor boots you choose offer waterproof protection and high-quality insulation to help protect yourself from blisters.


A bunion is a bump that appears on the joint at the base of your big toe, causing it to point inwards. This can cause discomfort and pain when walking and is usually developed over time due to medical conditions. However, bunions can also develop when you wear badly-fitted shoes and boots. If your boots are too tight or narrow, then they can cause unnecessary pressure on your toes and joints, leading to bunions.


There are several complications that bunions can lead to if you’re not careful. This includes bursitis, a painful condition that leads to inflamed joints. Wearing well-fitted boots is the best way to avoid this pain and injury.

Toenail pain

Toenail pain is a sign that your boots aren’t fitted properly, particularly around the toe box. This occurs if your boots are laced or zipped too tightly. This may compress your toes and cause pain. However, loose-fitting shoes can also be problematic because they can cause your foot to slide around, thus hitting your toenails against the shoe which may cause bruising.


This is more common in people that are active with loose-fitting boots, so it’s important to ensure that your feet don’t slide around when actively using your boots for hiking, trekking, or hunting.

How Do I Know If My Boots Fit Properly?

To prevent these issues from happening in the first place, we recommend you try to wear boots that have been fitted properly. We understand outdoor boots experience a lot of wear and tear over time, hence why it’s a good idea to invest extra time and effort into picking the perfect pair.

There Should Be Wiggle Room Around Your Toes


A good pair of boots for the country should give you a little wiggle room around your toes. This is because your feet swell throughout the day when you’re actively moving around. So if you put your boots on in the morning and they’re already a firm fit, then they’re going to feel too tight in the evening. Try to get boots that give your toes a bit of room to move around in the morning, or try out different boots in the evening when your feet have swollen a bit.


On the other hand, make sure that while you can move your toes around a little, there’s not too much room. If your feet slip and slide inside the boot as you walk, these are too loose and can cause just as many problems as boots that are too tight.

Always Try Boots on With Socks


Although you might not be wearing the exact same socks you would be for trekking, hunting, or hiking, it’s still a good idea to try outdoor boots with some socks on. This allows you to get an idea of how comfortable they are and if there’s going to be any rubbing between your feet and socks. Socks also add a bit of padding to your foot which means that it’ll take up extra space in the boot.

Get Boots with High-Quality Materials

If you’re trying to avoid foot pain, one of the best things you can do is ensure you get high-quality footwear. Boots made with the best quality leather, insulation, and soles help ensure you’re not subjecting yourself to injury. Look at the manufacturing processes used, as well as the materials. Waterproof boots for the country are essential for hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor activity that may put you in contact with wet conditions. Good traction allows you to get a better grip when you’re walking through uneven terrain.


If you’re looking for high-quality footwear and the best boots for the country, look no further. At Field and Moor, we ensure that our boots are made from high-quality materials with the best possible manufacturing processes. If you’re looking for the right outdoor footwear and need some guidance, feel free to contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help.

Field and Moor is a member of the Society of Shoefitters, who value comfortable boots.   

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