Sizing and Fit

There are many factors that can influence a shoe or boot’s fitting characteristics including the construction method, the materials, and the design. Consequently, the conversion table is to the nearest UK size and can only be regarded as an indication or guide.

Men's sizes:

UK size European size USA size
6 40 7
7 41 8
8 42 9
9 43 10
10 44 11
10.5 45 11.5
11 46 12
 12 47 13
13 48 14


Ladies' sizes:

UK size European size
3 36
4 37
5 38
6  39
7 40
7.5 41
8 42
9 43

Please bear in mind that sizes can vary between manufacturers. Use our international sizing chart to convert your shoe size between UK, European and US sizing.

Field & Moor gives you peace of mind as we provide a 90days return policy – provided the footwear is not damaged or worn outside the house. We recommend trying on carpeted areas with the socks you intend to use them with. We can send you 2 different sizes of the same product for you to compare, the fit if required and refund the one that does not meet your requirements.

Wearing the right socks with your Country Boots is important as cotton and wool socks tend to be ultra-absorbent and the natural fibres can retain your sweat.

Whereas use of synthetic fabric and the technical wool socks which are designed to wick moisture away from the foot, where it can pass out as vapour through the Boots.

It is plainly important to wear not just the right size socks, but also of the right materials. As excessive sweating can lead to rotting of the lining membrane on the inside of the boot. 

Our Country Boot range are a generous fit, as it is one of the widest last the factory currently has, with plenty of room for thick winter or shooting socks. If you are in between the continental size Field & Moor would recommend ordering down a size rather than up a size.

Our Chelsea Boot styles made in different factory from Country boots have different lasts. 

Owl has a more elongated toe shape, as it suited to occasions which require a more stylish silhouette, this is also reflected in the thinner sole unit option. Although you may notice its elastic extends towards front of boot, allowing ease of getting the Boot on even if you have a slightly higher instep.

Although the styles have tabs on the back, it’s best to combine its use with a shoe- horn in order not to put to much strain on the tab at the back of the boot. As excessive force on the tab may result in tearing, in the case of Owl the tab  is made of leather, in the case of Falcon its canvas.