How to be fashionable and practical in your choice of footwear during the Shooting Season.

How to be fashionable and practical in your choice of footwear during the Shooting Season.

oktober 29, 2022

How to Be Fashionable and Practical During The Shooting Season

As shooting season approaches, it makes sense to adequately prepare for it. Your attire is essential since it protects your body against injuries, especially your feet. However, that doesn't mean you can't be fashionable and practical as you enjoy your shooting activities. One easy way to up your shooting gear game is to invest in quality footwear. At Field & Moor, we offer a wide range of leather walking boots, making us a household name in boot fashion.

Why Should You Get Our Boots during The Shooting Season?

Our footwear designs blend comfort and style, making us popular among shooting enthusiasts, outdoor lovers and country dwellers. Not only are our boots handcrafted by family-owned artisan factories in Spain, but we also work with designer Hannah Stiles. Our footwear construction involves 120 processes spanning six weeks, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and tried-and-tested techniques to ensure our clients get good value for their money.

Goodyear Welting

The Goodyear welting technique involves joining the outer sole to the boot's upper part by a welt. This makes it easier to replace only the sole once worn out, making your boot as good as new. What's more, you get to enjoy footwear resistant to water leaks. This technique thrives on attention to detail to produce top-quality sustainable boots.

Storm Welted Construction

The storm welted construction is similar to the Goodyear welting in that it leverages a welt to adjoin the boot's upper part and the sole. However, storm welted boots have 360-degree protection, while the Goodyear welting offers three-quarters protection. Moreover, this technique creates a seal between the mid and upper sole by allowing the seal to be bent upwards. This, in turn, provides greater moisture protection. The storm welted boots are also chunkier than Goodyear welted boots.

What Are the Most Fashionable and Practical Boots for the Shooting Season?

We offer various men's shooting boots built for comfort without sacrificing style. The ladies aren't forgotten, as we also have ladies’ shooting boots that can take your breath away! Here are some worth considering:

Golden Eagle Country Boot

The Golden Eagle country boot incorporates an elastic gusset that makes it easier to ease your foot while supporting your calves. Its Vibram commando sole with rugged cleated construction offers great traction, ensuring your stability as you shoot down your game. Moreover, it has Sympatex waterproof lining that would keep your feet dry even if you navigate wet terrains. With luxury finishing, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. The Golden Eagle country boot has male and female varieties, so keep this in mind.

Osprey Laced Country Boots

This boot boasts a storm welted construction, giving your feet more protection against moisture. Moreover, you can rest assured that you won't lose your balance when shooting, as its Vibram commando sole offers great traction. Its design also lets you make a fashion statement in the forest, shooting range, or town. The Osprey laced country boot comes in male and female varieties.

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