Goodyear Welting

A highly skilled art of shoemaking

Field & Moor boots are manufactured in small family factories. Their construction combines 120 processes taking 6 weeks to produce high quality goodyear welted boots. The skills have been passed down the generations, creating a fantastic high-quality leather manufacturing capability.






Using the factories, tradition and experience in handcrafted footwear, both of which specialise in Goodyear welted production in combination with using the best materials, Field & Moor have obtained a collection of high-quality products for your country lifestyle needs.

Many of the operations relying on excellent hand-eye co-ordination, taking years to learn and a lifetime to master.

Goodyear welting involves attaching the outer sole unit to the upper of a boot by way of a welt – a rim of tough leather through which stitches are machine sewn to link the two together.

This has two advantages: it makes the boot relatively water-tight, and it allows the sole to be easily replaced once it has been worn out.

From the cutting of the leather into the pieces that will be sewn together to make the upper, through to the final polish of the completed boot, there is attention to detail required to produce a top-quality product that is sustainable, expertly hand- crafted and made to last.

360-degree goodyear welted construction: