Using high quality leathers

Field and Moor selection of Leathers

Field & Moor high quality Leather Selection.

In order, to provide high quality, long lasting Boots we have been involved in the process of sourcing leathers using guidance from both the factory owner and leather merchants in our selections for products. The Leather skins are selected both in terms of their touch and feel to gauge their suppleness, resistance as well as their appearance.

We source from tanneries close to the family factory in which the Boots are made, this is because the relationships are strong and helps with sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint. The tanneries source their skins from the bi product of the meat industry, and its cattle that provide all our skins to make our beautiful boots.

We use full grain leather, which is sourced from the hide’s top layer, given the end user is seeking long lasting and durable boots we seek skins that are over 2 mm thick. The importance of a good quality skin that provides the leather cannot be underestimated, each of which is meticulously inspected.

The highest quality leather, and therefore most expensive is full grain. Known for its durability and its ability to adsorb oils means the leather ages well. Over time this worn in patina makes it unique to the wearer. 

Country grain is achieved by embossing the calf leathers to create the grain effect, which might be known to you as scotch grain or pebble grain. This leather lends itself to our country collection of boots due to its resilience and softness.

We use suede on the collars of our Golden Eagle style, and a few of our samples. It is the underside of the leather hide and has a very soft and textured feel, often referred to as the nap. A good quality full grain suede can be just as hard wearing as calf leather even thoughts its soft and adaptable in the boot’s construction.

One of the first stages in the construction of our Boots is using the skills of the cutter, to avoid any flaws in the skin when cutting the pattern pieces. The real skill is by using eye and touch to fashion the leather, use of natural light is preferred and the cutting section tends to be in the best natural light parts of the factory.   

British design

Designs by Hannah Stiles prior to sample development stage by artisan factory: Marsh Harrier style, launching January 2022.

Field & Moor’s traditional hand-crafted boots combine comfort for long days in the countryside and styling for ladies and gentlemen who like to be top of their game.  

With British designer Hannah Stiles, F & M have created for our autumn collection a range of long-lasting Goodyear welted country boots. They are manufactured in family owned small artisan factories that have operated for several generations passing down the hand- crafted skills, based in Spain.

The factory that makes the Country range of Boots in particular has honed these craftsmen skills over the generations by supplying Hand crafted high performance Boots that cater for Civil police, forest firefighters and military contracts for many years.

These products will suit men and ladies who enjoy a wide variety of country fieldsports - clay shooting, game and driven shooting, hunting, tracking and exercising their gundogs across the fields and moors. However the boots are designed to be being well-dressed enough to wearing around town with smart casual attire.

F & M will continue to innovate product to add to a customer’s country wardrobe options, and currently has a new styles under development for future seasons:

Latest arrival is Marsh Harrier - 9" Laced Waterproof Leather Country Boot.

Also looking to extend options available to our consumers for more temperate climate times and seasonal colours.

Unlike traditional established footwear brands, F & M intends to innovate, respond, and bring fresh options with a more frequent nature than the bi-seasonal offerings in the marketplace.

Hannah graduated from De Montfort University having undertaken its prestigious footwear design course. Initially London based, she is now an independent designer who aims to combine comfort, commerciality and fashion. F & M have welcomed her creative input in building ranges and guiding factory design teams on our behalf.  

Marsh Harrier

Great to see it worn on a recent photoshoot, undertaken by Michael @ lensandhound Insta Account.

Nice to see the product modelled with other outdoors brands, including house of cheviot socks.

Marsh Harrier

A quality product made with Hydrophobic chestnut grain leather upper - lined with Sympatex lining which is breathable and waterproof.