Why a good pair of quality hiking boots are essential for your Camino adventure.
June 11, 2024

Why a good pair of quality hiking boots are essential for your Camino adventure.

Why a Good Pair of Quality Hiking Boots is Essential for Your Camino Adventure

Embarking on the Camino de Santiago is a transformative journey that combines physical endurance, mental fortitude, and spiritual discovery. 

The Demand of the Camino trails vary greatly in terrain, from flat plains to rugged mountains, and everything in between.

This blog looks at what features are best in a good pair of hiking boots, your feet will thank you every step of the Way.

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Travelling overseas - will your packing include footwear and socks for outdoor adventures ?
June 03, 2024

Travelling overseas - will your packing include footwear and socks for outdoor adventures ?

The Importance of Choosing Good Quality Boots for Overseas Travel and Outdoor Activities in Lowland Areas

When planning an overseas adventure that includes traversing difficult terrain, especially in lowland areas, the importance of choosing high-quality boots cannot be overstated. Whether you're an avid hiker, a casual traveler, or someone who enjoys immersing in nature, your choice of footwear can significantly impact your experience. Here are several reasons why investing in good quality boots is crucial for such activities.

Comfort and Support

Traveling and engaging in outdoor activities often means long hours on your feet. Poor quality boots can lead to discomfort, blisters, and foot pain, which can quickly ruin your trip. High-quality boots, on the other hand, are designed with superior cushioning and support. According to Field & Moor, they provide a snug fit that prevents excessive movement within the boot, reducing the risk of blisters. Additionally, they offer arch support and better weight distribution, which helps prevent fatigue and allows you to enjoy your activities for longer periods.

Durability and Longevity

Lowland terrains can be unpredictable, with a mix of muddy paths, rocky trails, and uneven ground. Cheap or poorly made boots are likely to wear out quickly under such conditions, potentially leaving you stranded or forcing you to replace them frequently. High-quality boots are constructed with durable materials such as full-grain leather or robust synthetic fabrics, which can withstand the rigors of harsh environments. Investing in a good pair of boots ensures they will last through multiple trips and varied terrains, providing better value in the long run. As Field & Moor points out, the durability of quality boots is a key factor in their overall value.

Protection and Safety

One of the primary purposes of boots is to protect your feet from external elements. In lowland areas, this includes water, mud, sharp rocks, and even insects. Quality boots often feature reinforced toe caps, thick soles, and waterproof membranes, offering enhanced protection against these hazards. Good boots also provide better ankle support, reducing the risk of sprains and injuries on uneven ground. This level of protection is essential for maintaining your health and safety during outdoor activities, allowing you to tackle challenging terrains with confidence. Field & Moor emphasizes the importance of robust footwear in protecting your feet from injuries and environmental hazards.

Weather Resistance

Weather conditions in lowland areas can be unpredictable, with sudden rain showers turning trails into muddy, slippery paths. High-quality boots typically come with waterproof or water-resistant features, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even in wet conditions. Breathable materials also help manage moisture from sweat, preventing your feet from becoming damp and prone to blisters. This combination of weather-resistant properties ensures that your boots perform well in various climates, keeping your feet in optimal condition regardless of the weather. Field & Moor highlights the importance of weather-resistant features in outdoor footwear.

Performance and Versatility

Good quality boots are designed with performance in mind, featuring advanced technologies that enhance your walking experience. This includes better traction systems, such as Vibram soles, which provide excellent grip on wet and uneven surfaces. The versatility of high-quality boots also means they can adapt to different activities, from hiking and trekking to casual walks in the city. Their adaptability makes them a practical choice for travelers who want one reliable pair of boots for various scenarios, eliminating the need to pack multiple types of footwear. According to Field & Moor, versatility is a key advantage of investing in high-quality boots.

Health Benefits

Wearing improper footwear can lead to various health issues, including joint pain, back problems, and plantar fasciitis. Quality boots are engineered to support the natural alignment of your body, reducing strain on your feet, knees, and lower back. This is particularly important when carrying heavy backpacks during long treks, as the added weight can exacerbate these issues. By providing proper support and cushioning, high-quality boots help maintain your overall well-being, allowing you to enjoy your travels without compromising your health. Field & Moor notes the significant health benefits of wearing supportive, well-made boots.

Field and Moor carry an extensive range of high quality House of Cheviot socks suitable for use in outdoor adventures.

Environmental Considerations

Investing in high-quality boots can also have environmental benefits. Quality footwear is often designed with sustainable practices and materials, reducing the environmental impact of production. Additionally, the durability of these boots means you’ll need to replace them less frequently, leading to less waste. By choosing well-made boots, you’re making a more environmentally conscious decision that contributes to sustainable travel practices. Field & Moor highlights the importance of sustainability in choosing outdoor gear.

Motorcycle Use

When traveling overseas, many adventurers choose motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation. Riding a motorcycle requires specialized footwear that provides protection and stability. High-quality boots are essential for this purpose. According to Field & Moor, good motorcycle boots offer reinforced protection for the feet and ankles, which is crucial in the event of an accident. They are designed to protect against impacts and abrasions, ensuring your safety on the road.

Furthermore, quality motorcycle boots provide excellent grip and control, both on the bike and when walking. The robust soles are designed to handle the vibrations and pressures of riding, while also offering comfort during long rides. Waterproof features ensure that your feet remain dry in adverse weather conditions, and breathable materials help prevent overheating. Investing in high-quality motorcycle boots not only enhances your riding experience but also ensures that your feet are well-protected throughout your journey.


In conclusion, the importance of choosing good quality boots for overseas travel and outdoor activities in lowland areas cannot be overstated. They provide superior comfort, durability, protection, and weather resistance, enhancing your overall experience and ensuring your safety. High-quality boots also offer performance benefits, health advantages, and environmental considerations, making them a worthwhile investment for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast. As you prepare for your next adventure, remember that your footwear is a critical component of your gear, deserving careful consideration and investment. For more information and a selection of high-quality boots, visit Field & Moor.


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Stepping out in style and comfort at the Cheltenham racing festival when the ground is wet and soft.
March 13, 2024

Stepping out in style and comfort at the Cheltenham racing festival when the ground is wet and soft.

Stepping Out in Style: The Importance of Suitable Footwear at the Cheltenham Racing Festival

The Cheltenham Racing Festival is an event that epitomizes elegance, excitement, and tradition. As thousands flock to witness the thrilling races and soak in the atmosphere, there's one crucial element that often gets overlooked amidst the glamour and spectacle: footwear. Yes, your choice of shoes can make all the difference, especially when the ground is soft and wet. In this blog post, we'll delve into the importance of wearing stylish and suitable footwear to ensure both comfort and style at the Cheltenham Racing Festival.

First and foremost, let's address the practical aspect. The Cheltenham Racecourse, known for its undulating terrain and unpredictable weather, often experiences soft and wet ground conditions, particularly during the festival. Navigating through the mud and puddles requires footwear that offers stability, traction, and protection. Imagine trying to enjoy the races while constantly slipping and sliding in unsuitable shoes—it's a recipe for discomfort and potential mishaps.

Opting for stylish yet suitable footwear can enhance your overall experience at the festival. Whether you're enjoying the festivities in the stands, wandering through the paddock, or mingling in the hospitality areas, your choice of shoes can elevate your ensemble and reflect your personal style. After all, fashion is an integral part of the Cheltenham Racing Festival, with attendees showcasing their finest attire and accessories. A pair of well-chosen boots can be the perfect finishing touch to your race-day outfit, adding sophistication and flair. Check out the Field and Moor range @

But what constitutes suitable footwear for the Cheltenham Racing Festival, especially when the ground is soft and wet? Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Waterproof Material: Look for shoes made from waterproof materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics treated with water-resistant coatings. This will keep your feet dry and comfortable, even if you encounter rain or puddles.

Grip and Traction: Opt for shoes with rubber soles that offer excellent grip and traction on wet surfaces. This will help prevent slips and falls, allowing you to navigate the racecourse with confidence.

Comfort and Support: Choose footwear that provides adequate cushioning, arch support, and stability. Spending a day at the Cheltenham Racing Festival involves a lot of walking and standing, so it's essential to prioritize comfort to avoid foot fatigue and discomfort.

Style and Elegance: While practicality is paramount, don't compromise on style. Look for shoes that complement your race-day attire and reflect your personal taste. Whether you prefer classic leather brogues, chic ankle boots, or stylish Wellingtons, there are plenty of options that marry fashion with functionality.

Protection from the Elements: In addition to waterproofing, consider shoes with features like sealed seams and reinforced toe caps for added protection against the elements. This will ensure that your footwear withstands the rigors of the festival while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

By investing in stylish and suitable footwear, you can enjoy all that the Cheltenham Racing Festival has to offer without compromising on comfort or style. For a curated selection of premium footwear designed to withstand the demands of the festival grounds, visit Field and Moor's website at Step out in style and make a statement with your choice of shoes. After all, at Cheltenham, every detail counts—even down to your footwear.

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The importance of choosing high quality socks when undertaking walking, hiking or trekking.
February 09, 2024

The importance of choosing high quality socks when undertaking walking, hiking or trekking.

When it comes to outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, or trekking, choosing the right gear is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. While many people focus on selecting the appropriate footwear and clothing, the importance of choosing good quality socks should not be overlooked. In this blog, we'll delve into the significance of selecting high-quality socks for outdoor pursuits and direct you to to discover the range of House of Cheviot socks, a reputable option for those seeking durable and comfortable socks for their outdoor adventures. See the range at 

Firstly, the primary purpose of good quality socks during hiking, walking, or trekking is to provide comfort and support for your feet. Well-constructed socks offer cushioning and padding in all the right places, reducing the impact on your feet as you navigate uneven terrain. Additionally, high-quality socks can help prevent blisters and hot spots by providing a protective layer between your skin and your footwear. House of Cheviot socks, available at, are designed with comfort in mind, utilizing premium materials and thoughtful construction to ensure that your feet remain supported and comfortable throughout your outdoor excursions.

Furthermore, the choice of socks can significantly impact the moisture management of your feet during outdoor activities. Hiking, walking, and trekking often involve prolonged periods of physical exertion, causing your feet to sweat. Moisture-wicking socks, such as those offered by House of Cheviot, are crafted to efficiently draw moisture away from your skin, keeping your feet dry and less prone to chafing and discomfort. This moisture control not only enhances your comfort but also reduces the risk of developing foot-related issues, ensuring that you can stay focused on enjoying your outdoor experience.

Another crucial factor in the importance of good quality socks is their ability to provide warmth and insulation, particularly in colder climates or during chilly weather. House of Cheviot socks are designed to offer thermal properties, helping to keep your feet warm and comfortable even when traversing through cooler environments. By investing in socks that prioritize insulation, you can maintain your overall body temperature and prevent your outdoor activities from being hindered by cold, uncomfortable feet.

Additionally, good quality socks contribute to the longevity and performance of your outdoor footwear. By providing a protective barrier between your feet and your shoes, high-quality socks can help prevent premature wear and tear on your footwear, ultimately extending their lifespan. The right socks also offer additional support and can help improve the fit of your shoes, leading to a more secure and stable hiking or walking experience.

Choosing good quality socks is also essential for promoting proper foot health during outdoor activities. Premium socks are often designed with anatomical shaping and targeted support for areas such as the arches and heels, which can reduce fatigue and provide essential reinforcement for your feet as you tackle challenging terrain. By prioritizing your foot health through the selection of quality socks, you are investing in your long-term comfort and mobility during outdoor pursuits.

In conclusion, the importance of choosing good quality socks for hiking, walking, or trekking cannot be overstated. From providing comfort and support to aiding in moisture management, insulation, and foot health, high-quality socks play a crucial role in enhancing your outdoor experiences. If you're in search of durable and comfortable socks for your outdoor adventures, I recommend exploring the range of House of Cheviot socks available at Their selection of premium socks is designed to cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring that you can embark on your outdoor pursuits with confidence and comfort. Happy exploring!

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The Benefits of good quality gardening shoes : Tending your land in comfort and style.
January 31, 2024

The Benefits of good quality gardening shoes : Tending your land in comfort and style.

The Benefits of Good Quality Gardening Shoes: Tending to Your Land in Comfort and Style


As you are probably aware Gardening is a joyous activity that allows us to connect with nature and create beautiful outdoor spaces. However, it often involves long hours spent on your feet, which can be tiresome if you don't have the right footwear. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of good quality gardening shoes and how they can enhance your gardening experience. If you're looking for high-quality gardening shoes that offer both comfort and style, look no further than Field & Moor (, where you'll find a wide selection of Lamb gardening shoes and clogs.

Comfort and Support
One of the primary benefits of investing in high-quality gardening shoes is the comfort and support they provide. Spending hours in the garden can take a toll on your feet and joints, but a well-constructed gardening shoe can minimize the strain. Good quality shoes offer ample cushioning and arch support, reducing the risk of foot fatigue and joint pain. The padded insoles of Lamb gardening shoes, available at Field & Moor, provide superior comfort, allowing you to tend to your land for longer without discomfort.

Durability and Protection
Gardening exposes footwear to various challenges, such as dirt, water, sharp objects, and thorny plants. Investing in well-made gardening shoes ensures durability and protection for your feet. High-quality materials like rubber or waterproof leather make the shoes resistant to wear and tear, making them a perfect choice for all gardening activities. Lambs gardening shoes, available at Field & Moor, are crafted with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of gardening. Additionally, certain models may include reinforced toe caps to safeguard your feet from accidental impacts and injuries.

Good quality gardening shoes are not only designed for gardening activities but also offer versatility for other outdoor tasks. Whether you're mowing the lawn, walking the dog, or performing DIY projects around the house, these shoes will provide all-day comfort and protection. This versatility ensures that you won't need multiple pairs of shoes for different outdoor tasks, simplifying your footwear needs and saving you money. Field & Moor's Lamb gardening shoes are a perfect example of versatile footwear that can accompany you beyond the garden, making them a worthwhile investment.

Breathability and Moisture Control
Engaging in gardening activities often leads to sweaty feet, causing discomfort and even fungal infections. Fortunately, reputable gardening shoe brands prioritize breathability and moisture control. High-quality shoes are designed with materials that allow air to circulate, preventing excessive sweating and keeping your feet dry. Field & Moor's Lamb gardening shoes feature breathable uppers and moisture-wicking insoles, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable during long hours of gardening. By reducing moisture build-up, these shoes improve overall foot hygiene and increase your overall level of comfort throughout your gardening sessions.

In concluding Investing in good quality gardening shoes is an investment in both your gardening experience and your overall foot health. The benefits of comfort, support, durability, and versatility make them an essential addition to any gardener's toolkit. If you're in search of high-quality gardening shoes, look no further than Field & Moor ( They offer a wide range of Lamb gardening shoes and clogs, designed to provide optimum comfort and protection while tending to your land. Visit their website and select the perfect pair that suits your gardening needs. Your feet will thank you!

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The Gift of Craftsmanship - Why handcrafted boots make the perfect Christmas present.
November 14, 2023

The Gift of Craftsmanship - Why handcrafted boots make the perfect Christmas present.

The holiday season is upon us, and as we brainstorm thoughtful gifts for our loved ones, it's worth considering the timeless appeal and practicality of quality handcrafted boots. While the market is flooded with mass-produced footwear, there's something special about a pair of boots meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. This Christmas, consider the unique charm and lasting value that come with gifting handmade boots, and look no further than for a selection that embodies craftsmanship at its finest.

  1. Craftsmanship that Stands the Test of Time

In a world dominated by fast fashion and disposable products, quality craftsmanship has become a rare commodity. Handcrafted boots, however, represent a return to the art of traditional shoemaking. At, each pair is crafted with precision and care, ensuring durability that outlasts the latest trends. By gifting a loved one a pair of these boots, you're not just giving them footwear – you're presenting them with a timeless piece that can weather the seasons and stand the test of time.

  1. Unparalleled Comfort and Fit

Mass-produced shoes often sacrifice individualized comfort for mass appeal. Handcrafted boots, on the other hand, are designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a superior fit tailored to the wearer's unique foot shape. The artisans at prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Your loved one will appreciate the personalized feel of boots that have been crafted with their utmost comfort in mind.

  1. Distinctive Style and Elegance

A pair of handcrafted boots is more than just functional footwear – it's a statement piece. The artisans at Field & Moor pay careful attention to design, ensuring that each pair exudes a distinctive style and elegance. Whether your loved one prefers a classic, rugged look or a more refined style, offers a range of options to suit every taste. Give the gift of unparalleled style and sophistication this Christmas.

  1. Supporting Artisans and Sustainable Practices

Choosing handcrafted boots isn't just a gift to the recipient; it's a gift to the artisans who pour their skill and passion into creating each pair. By purchasing from, you're supporting a commitment to sustainable practices and ethical craftsmanship. The boots are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they not only look good but also leave a smaller environmental footprint compared to their mass-produced counterparts.

  1. Memories and Traditions

Christmas is a time for creating memories and cherishing traditions. Gifting handcrafted boots adds a layer of sentimentality to the occasion. Each step your loved one takes in their carefully crafted boots will be a reminder of the thoughtful and meaningful gift you gave them. It's a token of appreciation that goes beyond the material – it becomes a symbol of the memories shared and the traditions upheld.

In conclusion, this Christmas, bypass the ordinary and opt for the extraordinary by gifting a pair of quality handcrafted boots from Your loved ones deserve the best, and there's no better way to show you care than by presenting them with a timeless, stylish, and durable piece of craftsmanship. These boots are not just footwear; they're a declaration of the value you place on quality, tradition, and the joy of gift-giving.

Top of Form


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Elevate your country Pursuits with House of Cheviot Socks combined with Field & Moor Boots.
November 03, 2023

Elevate your country Pursuits with House of Cheviot Socks combined with Field & Moor Boots.


  1. Title: Elevate Your Country Pursuits with House of Cheviot Socks

Country pursuits such as shooting, hunting, walking, and hiking have one thing in common – they demand hours of outdoor adventure, often across challenging terrains. While most enthusiasts invest in quality boots and gear, one crucial yet often overlooked item is the humble sock. Quality socks are the unsung heroes of these activities, playing a vital role in keeping your feet comfortable, dry, and blister-free.

The Importance of Quality Socks in Outdoor Pursuits

  1. Comfort and Support: Wearing House of Cheviot shooting, hunting, and country socks is a game-changer when it comes to comfort. These socks provide exceptional cushioning and support, reducing fatigue and providing a better experience during long walks or hikes. They help distribute the pressure evenly and prevent discomfort or pain that can arise from uneven terrain.

  2. Moisture Management: Moisture management is crucial in country pursuits, as wet feet can lead to discomfort and blisters. House of Cheviot socks are typically made from moisture-wicking materials that keep your feet dry by pulling sweat away from your skin. This is especially important in activities where you're likely to encounter rain, mud, or wet grass.

  3. Insulation: In colder climates, House of Cheviot shooting, hunting, and country socks offer superior insulation, keeping your feet warm and comfortable. They trap heat close to your skin, ensuring your toes stay toasty even during chilly hunting expeditions or winter hikes.

  4. Preventing Blisters: Blisters can be a major buzzkill during any country pursuit. House of Cheviot socks reduce friction between your foot and your boot, preventing blisters from forming. They also offer a snug fit, reducing the likelihood of rubbing and hot spots.

  5. Durability: Investing in House of Cheviot socks means they'll last longer, saving you money in the long run. They are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, including rough terrains and constant use.

  6. Health Considerations: In addition to comfort and performance, House of Cheviot socks contribute to your overall foot health. They provide arch and ankle support, helping to reduce the risk of injuries during strenuous activities.

  7. Odor Control: House of Cheviot socks often incorporate odor-resistant technology, keeping your feet fresh, even after hours of exertion.

House of Cheviot - Your Ideal Companion for Country Pursuits

In conclusion, House of Cheviot shooting, hunting, and country socks are your ideal companions for country pursuits. These socks are designed to enhance your outdoor experience, providing the ultimate comfort, performance, and durability. So, before your next adventure, don't underestimate the power of House of Cheviot socks. Your feet will thank you, and you'll be able to focus on the beauty of the great outdoors without distractions.

House of Cheviot has a reputation for crafting high-quality socks specifically designed for country pursuits. Their commitment to providing superior comfort and performance is unmatched. With House of Cheviot, you can experience the following advantages:

1. Wide Range of Options:

House of Cheviot offers a diverse range of shooting, hunting, and country socks designed to suit various preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer knee-high socks or ankle socks, there is an option for everyone.

2. Superior Materials:

These socks are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring longevity and performance in the toughest conditions. House of Cheviot combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to create socks that meet the highest standards of quality.

3. Time-Tested Expertise:

With decades of experience, House of Cheviot has become a trusted name in the field of outdoor footwear. Their expertise shines through in every pair of socks, providing you with the confidence you need to take on challenging terrain.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

House of Cheviot socks are not only functional but also stylish. You can look good and feel comfortable at the same time, making them the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

Elevate Your Outdoor Adventures with House of Cheviot

When you invest in House of Cheviot shooting, hunting, and country socks, you're investing in your comfort, performance, and overall enjoyment of outdoor activities. These socks are built to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors while ensuring your feet stay dry, blister-free, and well-supported.

For a premium selection of House of Cheviot shooting, hunting, and country socks, visit Field and Moor and elevate your outdoor adventures to a new level of comfort and performance. Whether you're an avid hunter, a passionate hiker, or someone who simply loves the countryside, House of Cheviot has the perfect sock to enhance your experience. Don't let discomfort or inadequate gear hinder your pursuits. Choose House of Cheviot, and step confidently into the outdoors and wild country.

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Field & Moor at County Shows
June 27, 2023

Field & Moor at County Shows

Field and Moor spend a lot of time throughout the summer months travelling the UK to exhibit at Country Shows. We would like to share with you our key moments at Trade Shows and why we try to attend as many as possible each year.

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Field and Moor's Handpicked Hiking Destinations This Summer - Top 10
May 17, 2023

Field and Moor's Handpicked Hiking Destinations This Summer - Top 10

Have you thought about how to make the most out of your Field and Moor boots this summer? With plenty of stunning UK destinations to visit, have a read through our ten favourites!

Keep an eye out for our new collections releasing soon, including the Hen Harrier for more hiking equipment to add to your wardrobe!


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How do you clean and look after your Leather Boots after a day shooting, in the cold and wet terrain ?
November 16, 2022

How do you clean and look after your Leather Boots after a day shooting, in the cold and wet terrain ?

Aftercare of your Boots after a day in the countryside is as important as that you would give to your shotgun. This is to ensure longevity of use and keeping them in top condition for next time you use them.

This article provides a number of top tips that maybe useful to adopt and understand. 


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Selecting high quality leathers for use in construction of our Boots
November 08, 2022

Selecting high quality leathers for use in construction of our Boots

Want to find out why are boots are built to last ?

The importance of using high quality leather in construction of Country Boots.


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The perfect outdoor boots for visiting the countryside in Winter months.
November 03, 2022

The perfect outdoor boots for visiting the countryside in Winter months.

So, you’re heading out to the countryside this Winter. What type of outdoor boots should you wear? Here are our tips!

we explore the perfect outdoor boots, lady's country boots, country boots for men, outdoor lifestyle, high-quality footwear in this article.

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How to be fashionable and practical in your choice of footwear during the Shooting Season.
October 29, 2022

How to be fashionable and practical in your choice of footwear during the Shooting Season.

Fear no more:

There’s no need to sacrifice your fashion sense during the shooting season!

Be both fashionable and practical with the right look.

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Why men need good quality outdoor boots for the Autumn and Winter Season ?
October 25, 2022

Why men need good quality outdoor boots for the Autumn and Winter Season ?

It’s important to choose high quality boot options, especially for those who plan to enjoy outdoor activities this autumn.

Read on to learn more!

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Picking the right country boots for any kind of season
October 13, 2022

Picking the right country boots for any kind of season

No matter the season, having the right country boots can help improve your outdoor excursions.

Read on to learn more about picking the right country boots - it might even reinforce what you already know.

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What outdoor boots should you keep in your 4 x 4 vehicle ?
October 11, 2022

What outdoor boots should you keep in your 4 x 4 vehicle ?

Are your Boots the right kind for the type of activity you undertake ?

Can you vouch for your boots longevity and waterproof features ?

Why keep boots in the car rather than the house ? are all explored in this blog 

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What Happens if I wear improperly fitting boots whilst outdoors ?
October 09, 2022

What Happens if I wear improperly fitting boots whilst outdoors ?

Wearing boots that don't fit can lead to foot pain and injury. Find out what you need to know about getting the right high-quality footwear and boots for the Country.

Find out how do you know if your boots fit properly.


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Choosing the right ladies footwear for an outdoor lifestyle.
October 05, 2022

Choosing the right ladies footwear for an outdoor lifestyle.

Choosing the right footwear for an active lifestyle is an important part of your enjoyment & comfort.

What type of outdoor Boots should you wear ? We list a number of tips to help you.

Field & Moor is a member of the Society of Shoefitters and the team have over 30 + years experience is advising on fit, style and comfort. 

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Why are Osprey boots desirable in the Country Boot marketplace ?
September 29, 2022

Why are Osprey boots desirable in the Country Boot marketplace ?

Whatever your outdoor activity - Game & Driven Shooting, Clay Shooting, exercising gundogs, hiking, or safari trips.  

Find out why customers are discovering Osprey to be their number 1 choice of Boot for the great Outdoors.

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