Dainite Sole Units

Dainite is a subsidiary of the Harborough Rubber Company based in the UK as far back as 1894, giving it a 125 + year stamp of quality.  All soles are made in the UK factory using the best quality materials with abrasion and flex testing undertaken by SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trade Research Association) technology and testing centre.

Dainite have an ongoing commitment to quality, all materials are developed and controlled by their in- house laboratory and the quality is controlled by their experienced production team.

Dainite sole units are affixed using either Goodyear welted or Storm welted method. This is not only robust but ensures that after a great deal of wear they are easily replaced.  Hardwearing and comfortable the soles offer a benefit over leather soles of being fully waterproof.

Dainite studded sole produced since 1910. With its sleek low - profile design. It is quality tested with rigorous control measures that include laser measured tensile testing and thermal gravimetric analysis.

The products strength, quality, flexibility, and endurance in both hot and cold temperatures are all assured with some rigorous testing & technology.

The studded design keeps dirt and debris moving freely through the sole with each step because it is a circle with a pivot at both points of the diameter with each step – it is essentially self- cleaning.

Ridgeway sole design are an intermediary model from the Dainite range, they are more lightweight than the commando soles. But are thicker than the studded soles and will have a more pronounced profile.

Ridgeway sole unit gives fantastic grip across all terrains, with the pattern design incorporated in the separate heel unit as well.

It is combination with the storm welted construction model on Boots make it the ideal footprint for tracking across fields and upland areas.