Picking the right country boots for any kind of season

Picking the right country boots for any kind of season

oktober 13, 2022

Picking the Right Country Boots for Any Kind of Season

If you love the great outdoors and countryside living, it won’t be the cold of winter, the rains of autumn, or the heat of summer to stop you from enjoying your next adventure. But while all seasons are perfect for country walks, hikes, and treks, the equipment you invest in will make a difference in how safe and enjoyable your adventure is - and your footwear is especially important.

Since country boots can represent a significant investment, finding a model suitable for any season and is also durable is essential. At Field & Moor, our goal is to combine the finest craftsmanship and the most advanced technologies to deliver country boots for ladies and men's outdoor boots that will be your best companion for years to come.

Any Season is Country Life Season - But with Different Challenges and Rewards

Exploring the British countryside is a great activity to be enjoyed all year around. Whether you enjoy relaxing walks with your partner, set off on a hunt for another brook or waterfall, or enjoy riding your horse, the great outdoors offers endless entertainment opportunities.

But each season is undeniably unique and understanding the challenges you’ll face at each time of the year can help you choose the best country walking boots for your needs.

Winter Adventures

Winter adventures might require more professional walking and hiking gear, especially if you are planning to explore nearby mountains and peaks. If you love to spend time in nature during the winter months, you’ll need to fend off cold temperatures, ice, and snow, as well as slippery surfaces and iced tracks.

When you’re looking for the right boots for winter, make sure that you choose footwear with excellent traction, quality leather, and outstanding insulation. These features protect your feet from the elements and can ultimately save you from injury when you’re out adventuring.

At Field & Moor, our country boots are designed to provide the highest level of grip, stability, and support on any terrain and in any weather conditions, keeping your feet safe, dry, and warm.

Summer Outdoor Living

Summer is the best season to enjoy the countryside with your whole family, enjoy fishing and horse-riding trips, and spend time outdoors. But as the temperatures increase during the summer months, keeping your feet dry and clean of sweat is essential to avoid discomfort and injuries during your walks - but the idea of having to wear heavy boots might not be so appealing!

At Field & Moor, our boots are created with breathability and comfort in mind and are built to include layers of sweat-wicking, water-repellent materials to keep you fresh and dry throughout your adventure.

Country Life in Spring and Autumn

Spring and autumn are the rainiest seasons across the UK, with an average of 13 days of rain each month. While there is undoubtedly something magical about exploring the countryside in the rain, it is important to be aware of the pitfalls and risks that you might face.

Firstly, heavy rainfall can inflate the bed of small rivers and brooks, making it essential for adventurers to invest in waterproof country boots or water repellent shoes. Additional, wet surfaces such as rock might be more slippery, requiring you to wear high-quality country walking boots with great grip. Don’t forget that adders are also at their most active during spring - mid or high boots can be a great option to protect your ankles from painful bites!

Choosing the Right Boots for Each Season: Must-Have Features

Walking and hiking boots can represent a significant investment for most people, making it essential to find a brand that you can trust throughout the seasons. At Field & Moor, we have created timeless pieces that aren’t just suitable for all-year-around adventures, they are also stylish pieces to add to any of your outfits.

Temperature Regulation, Waterproof Properties, and Breathability

No matter what season is your favourite for hiking and exploring the countryside, you should always opt for breathable and waterproof country boots able to regulate your feet’s temperature.

At Field & Moor, our engineers leverage some of the most advanced materials such as the Sympatex Membrane, which is entirely sustainable and recyclable, to protect your feet in all weather conditions.

Grip and Anti-Slip Features

Slips and trips are among the leading causes of injuries for hikers, and your shoes' soles can play a vital role in determining the level of risk of each walk. Choosing country boots with anti-slip features and a solid terrain grip is essential especially if you enjoy walking outside of the scorching summer season.

At Field & Moor, our designers understand the importance of high-quality soles and grip properties. That is why we leverage the world-renowned Vibram Technology to make each of your steps safer and more comfortable. 

Comfort and Protection Against Injuries

When exploring the countryside, it is always too easy to fall victim to uneven terrain and obstacles on the track. But while minor sprains might not be more than an annoyance, more severe injuries can compromise your health and ability to complete the trail.

Thanks to our Dainite sole units and the sturdy construction of our boots, you can now enjoy unprecedented foot stability, balance, ankle and arch support, and grip - on all terrain conditions.

Easy to Break In - But Long-Lasting

Ill-fitting shoes and rigid materials can make each step unnecessarily painful and affect how enjoyable your overall experience is. On the other hand, if you have invested in a pair of high-quality boots, you’ll want them to be with you for years to come.

At Field & Moor, our experts combine techniques such as storm welted construction and Goodyear welted manufacturing to ensure that your boots will truly stand the test of time while still delivering high standards of comfort, breathability, and versatility.

Explore the Collection of All-Season Country Footwear at Field & Moor

At Field & Moor, our niche collection aims to meet the needs of any country and outdoors lover. Whether you enjoy slow walks with your entire family, care for and ride horses, or enjoy solo hiking adventures, our country boots are designed to provide the level of comfort, protection, and support you need.

Beyond all of this, our Owl, Falcon, Hawk, Osprey, Golden Eagle, and Marsh Harrier boots are also stylish and timeless pieces that will compliment any outfit. Unsure about the best type of boots for your needs? Our team of experts can help you learn more about our collection and make a wise choice. Get in touch today

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