The perfect outdoor boots for visiting the countryside in Winter months.

The perfect outdoor boots for visiting the countryside in Winter months.

November 03, 2022

The Perfect Outdoor Boots for Visiting The Countryside in Winter months.

The Late Indian Summer is well and trully over , and many are preparing to visit the countryside for their annual dose of rest, relaxation, and of course, adventure. However, visiting a rural setting in inappropriate footwear can make you uncomfortable and dampen your experience. Therefore, investing in the perfect outdoor boots for your activities is essential. At Field & Moor, we offer a variety of boots to make your experience in the countryside more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Perfect Outdoor Boots For Your Activities

Looks aren’t the only important feature of your outdoor boots. Don’t forget to take comfort, durability, waterproofing, price, and practicality in mind.

Hiking Boots

Various hiking trails grace the countryside, each one with its unique features. For instance, the White Cliffs of Dover offer stunning views, while Sizergh Castle is scenic and tranquil. You can also consider Sparrow Dale, Cotswold Way, Hadrian's Wall Path and James Herriot Way, among others. However, your experience is only as good as your boots, and our variety of hiking boots will ensure that you're comfortable and stylish.


We offer the following lady's country boots and country boots for men that are perfect for hiking.


  • Marsh Harrier Chestnut Grain Leather Ladies 9" hiking and walking boots: This high-quality footwear is handcrafted with hydrophobic chestnut grain leather and Sympatex waterproof lining. It also features Vibram commando soles to help you navigate snow and mud. It's made with the storm welted construction technique to minimise water penetration.


  • Osprey-Laced country boots in tan-grained leather: Also made with Vibram commando soles and storm welted construction, the Osprey country boots can help you navigate rough terrain while preventing moisture from affecting your feet.

Shooting Boots

Perhaps you wish to enjoy some shooting adventure, so you can visit the various shooting ranges in the countryside. However, you can't show up to a shooting range in just any footwear due to safety reasons. Hot brass can damage your feet if you aren't wearing protective footwear. Likewise, you risk contaminating your home with lead if you wear your everyday shoes to the shooting range. This can be dangerous for pets and small children who may crawl around the floor. Fortunately, we have ladies’ and men’s shooting boots to cater to this need, including the following:


  • Hawk-10 Country boot in chestnut brown leather: The Hawk country boot is made with Vibram commando soles with cleated construction sole to give you the needed traction when shooting. Its 2.2 mm-thick full-grain leather ensures that hot brass doesn't penetrate and hurt your feet.


  • Goshawk country boot: Made with 2.2 mm thick buffalo leather, the Goshawk country boot offers the protection you need when enjoying your shooting games. Moreover, its Dainite Ridgeway rubber sole provides good traction, giving you the needed stability.


  • Golden Eagle Ladies' country boot: Ladies can now grace the shooting ranges in style with the Golden Eagle country boot. Made with Vibram commando sole with rugged cleated construction for good traction, you don't have to worry about losing your balance. It's also comfortable, so you can stay as long as possible at the shooting range. There’s no question that this pair of ladies’ shooting boots is one of the best!

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