11 " Laced Country Boot - Greased brown Leather - Men’s - Osprey

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These handcrafted boots are designed for rigorous outdoor pursuits in difficult terrain. Featuring a thick, greased and hydrophobic leather upper and a Sympatex® waterproof and breathable lining, the Vibram® rubber Commando sole provides superior traction on mud and snow. Durable storm-welted construction ensures waterproofing, while the reinforced “gun-rest” on the vamp and leather oval offer extra protection. With a double-sided buckle for adjustable fit and treble stitching for strength, cork insulation in the midsole regulates temperatures and the full leather-lined insole ensures comfort. 2 pairs of laces are included for convenience, making these an ideal boot for your next adventure. Functional yet stylish, they draw admiration wherever you go.


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Gregory Barton
Five Star

Excellent workmanship and fit. Very please!!!!

The bush boots I never knew I needed

So, most of my shooting is done with a camera nowadays, and most of my hunting is for things like rocks, but that still gets me rather off of beaten paths. I've also recently discovered that if I wear footwear made to actual standards that my knees don't scream at me so much. I had good boots for city sidewalks, good ones for trail conditions, but didn't really have anything for really getting off into the bush. I'd originally thought of some kind of combat boot (or a heritage remake of one), but found myself eyeing Field & Moor's offerings. And I probably eyed them for the better part of a year, before pulling the trigger.

These turned out to be just about perfect for what I needed. There's more than enough boot to protect my shins while not being overly heavy or inflexible, great grip and comfort from the Vibram commando sole, and they're made from a leather that takes a beating well. And if you want to step quietly, yeah, these will certainly let you stalk. I look forward to putting some miles on them.

Also, James was very helpful for answering questions about sizing and other details. It seems like this is a very small and personal operation run by people who would actually put the product through its paces. And I was happy to buy from Field & Moor, especially considering that I've never been able to find boots like this here in Canada.

Great boot

Super thick but supple leather. Comfortable to wear. John was great when emailing him about delay in shipping as he was at a trade show. Only gripe about the boot is the thick leather makes it hard to slip through the buckle. Also, kind of a shame the boot isn’t made in England, but the quality is still superb. For the size, leather, and features the boot offers, it would probably be a couple more hundred dollars if UK made.

Mark Sunley
Osprey boots

I recently bought 2 pair of Osprey boots from Feild and Moor. I've put one pair away in my wardrobe for a rainy day. The other pair I wear and can say that these are the 'cream' of gamekeepers boots having worn various other makes for over 25 years. There's been no need for a breaking in period and are so comfortable after several long hours out in the feild. I got them when they were on sale price so decided to buy two pair. A Stella of a gamekeepers/Stalking boot. (Mark Sunley Gisborough Estate Gamekeeper )

David-Thomas Weber

Ein Stiefel von guter Qualität.
Kann man nur empfehlen